Hearth & Harvest

Why apples?

As one of the core fruits for American food identity, apples are recognized as an integral part of national experience, however the apple as we know it is not indigenous to North America. Along the journey to one of the most popular and consumed fruit, apples have been designed and redesigned to cater to popular tastes, stories and symbolism, and our values.


In our yearlong celebration of the crisp fall fruit, audiences of all ages can enjoy interactive programming, participate in cultural experiences, tell their stories, and taste their way through the history of apples.

Apple Harvest
Rustic Apple Pie

Apple Week

Warm up your virtual hearth and join us as we take learn about the history of apple cider, explore the mythology of apples, share family apple stories, make apple dishes together, and study the science of this crisp, fall fruit. 

Co-created with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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