Lara Rushing

Board Member

Lara Rushing is the Senior Manager of Public Programs at the Children’s Museum of
Denver at Marsico Campus.

She graduated from Tulane University with a B.A. in Art History and a minor in
Architecture. It was after getting her degree in Art History and learning more about
informal education in Museums that Lara became inspired by the idea of interactive
food education for all ages.

As a New Orleans native, Lara was born with an appreciation (near obsession) for
food and everything vibrant and diverse that it represents. She is inspired by the
variety of lenses through which individual ingredients or entire food systems can be
observed, explored and shared. Lara believes that food is not only a way to
acknowledge and celebrate our differences, but can also bring people together. She
strives to create a space where opportunities for discussion around food and culture
can cultivate a more equitable and diverse landscape in the Museum world.

Lara has lived in Denver, Colorado for 7 years with her fiancé, Garret, who works as
an Executive Chef. They met while working in the restaurant industry together.