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*NEW* 5 Cool Things Archive

What's 5 Cool Things?

✨ 5 Cool Things is our newest (and coolest) program and it gets to the heart and soul of the Museum of Food and Culture. Every Friday morning, Founder & Executive Director Rachel Waugh is in your inbox sharing 5 cool things she's curated from that week. From stories that have inspired us to videos that make us laugh, 5 Cool Things is designed to help spark your curiosity, build community, and bring delight to all as we think about food, history, and culture. Plus, we include fun stories and anecdotes from our programs and share links to all of MFC's upcoming events and workshops.

Introducing Our New Archive!

If you've missed an email or want to return to a favorite edition, you can check them out in our brand NEW 5 Cool Things Archive. Rachel explores difficult topics like imposter syndrome and body image issues alongside current events, funky food traditions, and unsung food histories.

Want 5 Cool Things delivered to your inbox?

Fantastic! All you have to do is sign up for the Museum of Food and Culture's email newsletter. Then presto, every Friday you will receive the 5 coolest things we are learning, pondering, and getting inspired by directly in your inbox. AND, you'll get a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of what's happening at the Museum!


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