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🥤 Soda Wars (and other cool things)

May 24, 2024

😎 Yesterday, I was welcomed back as a guest on Colorado & Company, a local morning program and I did… okay, I guess?

I was talking about mindfulness 🧘🏽 and truthfully, I didn’t feel very mindful.

I was too busy thinking about how I was really sore from the gym, ☠️ and that my sourdough wasn’t as bubbly as I’d hoped, 🌀 and that my bread didn’t rise quite enough, 🫣 and that… well, you get the point.

I was trying to be 💯 perfect.

But because I was trying to be perfect, I only attended to the imperfections of my ‘performance’. 💩 When I called my parents after the show, I was deflated. Not “Yay, I was on TV” but “Ugh, I messed up.”

[Enter the Apocalypse 🔥🌎🔥]

Obviously, it’s not A Big Deal, but it can feel like it. 😳

But this goes exactly to why I wanted to talk about sourdough and mindfulness. 🙂 It is okay to try new things. It’s okay to mess up. It’s okay to just try and be as present as you can and let the world work itself out. 🤞🏽

(Is this a continuation of last week’s email? Well, shoot. Apparently I need to keep learning this lesson…)

Even though I cringe at including this because it didn’t feel like My Very Best, I hope that sharing my things despite feeling messy and imperfect that gives you a little bit of grace for yourself when you feel messy and imperfect. 💗

PLUS, this team opened up opportunities for black Americans to work in corporate America. 💼 

Here’s a cool mini documentary (literally 60 seconds) all about a young black entrepreneur who created a bakery 🥖 that uses produce from their neighborhood urban garden to teach kids about nutrition, cooking, and connection! 🌱

📚 I just signed up for a virtual book talk in June that looks freakin’ awesome!

Resilient Kitchens: American Immigrant Cooking in a Time of Crisis examines how food can connect us especially during major world events (:cough: COVID-19 🦠). And there are some pretty cool panelists as well!

I’m excited to think more about food as a way for folks to explore and discuss their experiences of the pandemic. Join me at this virtual talk on July 24!

🥧 It’s been a LONG week and I have been finding a great deal of joy in listening to the DnDnD podcast (Dungeons and Dragons and Dinner)!

🎲 🛡️ ⚔️ 🏰 🏹 🧙🏽‍♂️

And yes, I am a complete nerd!

🎧 This unique podcast uses a dinner party to enhance the vibes of each quest. 🍻

From mystery meat pies to one character’s peculiar obsession with milk, I love the creative and clever ways the players/characters incorporate food into their stories. Plus, they are just hilarious episodes! 🤣

Have a great long weekend everyone and as DnDnD would say…

“Do what’s fun!”



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