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The Round Table

A Monthly Giving Community of The Museum of Food and Culture

Everyone’s voice matters when it comes to food. At the Museum of Food and Culture, we are creating a space – physical, digital, cultural – where people across different cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences can share their food stories, histories, and experiences. We believe in creating open, participatory, non-hierarchical experiences that result in spacious dialogue, relationship building, and collective learning and impact. 

We know that creating these spaces and experiences requires a collective effort that resonates with these beliefs. That’s why we created The Round Table, a community of people who share our values, are curious about food and food cultures, and who believe that food is the bridge between history, cultures, and individual stories.


Round Table members give what they can every month – whether that’s $5 or $100 – to support The Museum of Food and Culture, resulting in collective impact throughout the year. 

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Why a Round Table?

The Round Table name comes from our Founder Rachel’s dining table growing up: a circular table where her family would sit down to reflect on their days together over food. At this table, conversations were informal, wide-ranging, and well-spirited. There was never a “head of the table”.  We hope The Round Table community – and The Museum of Food and Culture on the whole – act in the same way.

Round Table members receive regular newsletters from MFC Founder Rachel Waugh, invitations to specific Round Table events, and discounts to general public and select partner events. 

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