Ryan Madson

Board Member

Ryan grew up in Boulder Colorado and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Business and Technology from CU Denver. He co-founded a community-run record label and booking agency, a by-kids-for-kids media company, and a software company for the Internet of Things. He’s written and directed an award-winning, internationally traveling circus-theater show, and produced a music album for the band, CASSANDRA, that the HuffPost called, “the power-ballad soundtrack for the resistance.” Ryan enjoys experimenting with sourdough, hosting large, pajama-clad potluck brunches, teaching his two-year old, "Danger Princess," to scramble eggs, and waxing poetic about grandiose innovations in societal choice-making mechanisms. Ryan's passion for food, sustainability, and nourishment rituals drew him to the MFC.  He believes the way we gather, eat, dance, and converse is what will change the world. 

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