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The Museum of Food and Culture uses food to build connections to history, culture, and each other. 


We are a place where people can have a variety of experiences from cooking to gardening, tasting foods of other cultures to creating art, and from learning history to sharing pop culture. Together, we create a space where people can share and explore the stories of the world and each other.


We are using food to build community.

Image by Markus Spiske

why food?

Traditions.  Habits.  Tastes.  Needs.

How can we plan to grow enough food for the world's population? Why do we celebrate holidays with certain foods? How do our bodies convert food into energy? Why do I not like sour things? 


Through food we can explore and share how biological needs, cultural traditions, societal and economic makeup, and personal habits and taste preferences.


Each food has a story about how it is produced, gets to your plate (trade, transportation, and taste), and moves through your body.

Food contains the story of us.

why a museum?

Museums are community gathering places that allow for the sharing of knowledge. As a subject that can invoke experiences, knowledge, identity, and senses, food allows visitors to relate to history, science and culture and participate with the telling of 

their own stories.

As people feel increasingly disconnected and groups draw thicker lines of separation, museums are the perfect places to connect across backgrounds and perspectives.

The Museum of Food is designing learning as a community experience where visitors are able to contribute their thoughts and backgrounds. A center that is intended for curiosity and creativity, where anyone can come and explore their ideas or the ideas of others.


Through food, we are building a community. 

our promise

Experiences.  Food.  Stories.  Us.

We promise to create engaging interactive experiences.
We promise to honor your story.
We promise to bring the fun and facts with food.
We promise to be a welcoming community to visitors of all backgrounds.

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