Lindsey Housel

Board Member

Lindsey Housel explores the many ways creativity and rebellion relate, collide, and encourage each other

Lindsey Housel is the Experience and Content Developer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. At DMNS, she has worked on notable programs like "Mood and Food" and "Flavorology" with the Curiosity Cruiser. Prior to DMNS, Lindsey worked at the Denver Art Museum as the Manager of Digital Engagement Programs and Master Teacher for Architecture, Design, and Graphics.


With an obsession for all things olfactory, she’s sniffing her way through every flower, plant, and perfume in her spare time, with no end in sight. Shout out to her parents, partner and friends whose support and love fuel and inspire her. She went to college and graduate school for Art History and Design Studies like a good kid does, and learned a bunch, mostly out of class.