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✨ 5 cool things: Our newest (and coolest) program is all about the heart and soul of the Museum of Food and Culture. Every Friday morning, we are in your inbox sharing 5 cool things that have inspired us, sparked our curiosity, helped us connect with others, and more! Plus, we include fun stories and anecdotes from our programs and share links to all of MFC's upcoming events and workshops.

📬 Monthly emails: Each month we send out a newsletter with a roundup of interesting information on a different topic from our quarterly theme covering all things: from agriculture to politics, from science to culinary arts, and from hashtags to hash browns. Think of this as your monthly tasting of curiosity, creativity, and community.

🎟️ Programs and events: First access to new Museum programming! We also share some of my favorite moments from previous events and give you a peek behind-the-scenes at what is happening with MFC. Learn about upcoming activities and experiences about food, history and culture that are fun for the whole family!

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