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🫕 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (and other cool things)

Happy Friday!

Here are some things I found interesting, inspiring, and just plain cool this week…

  • 🫕 How do you host complete strangers for dinner? I loved this unique approach to building community with purpose.

  • 🌱 Have you ever had a potato sprout on you? You bought it with the best of intentions, but lo and behold you didn’t want anything resembling a potato. 🍅 I just had this with two tomatoes I bought about a week ago. Look, baby tomatoes!!! 😍 I’m dying with the cuteness. But also, what?!?! I guess it’s like my favorite movie (Jurassic Park) says, “Life finds a way.” Aren’t they adorable?!?!

  • 🥑 This week, I was busy researching famous Adventurers (and Creators, Connectors, Learners, and Changemakers) throughout history and I got sucked into the life story of one David Fairchild. Fairchild was an adventurer/botanist who helped to bring delicious fruits and veg to the U.S., including… you guessed it, the avocado! (All hail our toast god! 🙌🏽) Are you an 🧳 Adventurer? Take MFC’s new food personality quiz now to find out! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  • 🤤 Listening to a podcast episode all about metabolisms (is that the plural? metaboli? metaboluses?) Anyway, as my favorite podcast host intro’d it, “Let’s debunk some ‘dieting’ myths by exploring our human machinery.” Ooo, say no more. I’m in!

  • 🪂 “Expensive and haphazard,” says former UN Aid chief, when talking about airdrops. I’ve been following the situation in Gaza and wanted to know more about the U.S.’s decision to airdrop food and aid and its impact. There’s a lot of discussion about the U.S. not doing enough and needing to pressure Israel to let ground aid into Gaza, but others argue that ‘food must be delivered by any means necessary.’ Stay curious and stay inspired, Rachel


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