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June School Newsletter

For the month of June, we are celebrating World Environment Day (June 5th) and the summer solstice (June 20th) with a composting lesson. Composting is a great introduction to talk about a larger topic - Sustainability.

Sustainability is the practice of taking small actions now so that we can maintain finite planetary resources for future generations. Small actions such as reducing food waste, reducing trash sent to the landfills, buying less fast-fashion clothing, etc.


Ideas for the Classroom

To link Composting and Sustainability, we first need to start with what composting is and why composting is important. Start your lesson by talking about how to divert food destined for the trash bin and send your food waste on a new path of contributing to soil health. Not only does the food nourish us, but it nourishes the soil for next year’s garden.

Of course, a lesson in sustainability isn't complete without an activity that gets the students' hands dirty and takes the group outside. If available, the lesson suggestions below can be conducted outside, in the grass or garden, so kids can feel the soil. We’ve leveraged the work of Raising Global Kidizens and Thoughtfully Sustainable for the lesson ideas below to help stimulate ideas to teach students about composting and soil health.

Lesson 1: Building a Soilarium

A small compost the kids can create and watch over the next few months. How To Build A Soilarium – Raising Global Kidizens

Lesson 2: Compost Bingo

Lesson 3: Compost Sorting Game


Food education in elementary schools plants the seeds for a lifetime of healthy eating and sustainable living. --Jamie Oliver


STEM in School Gardens

Educational Activities

🌿🥕 Cultivate sustainability with our STEM lessons! Check out our FREE download with six lessons tested and approved by public school teachers to support your STEM curriculum. From hypotheses to tasting, activate your curriculum or summer activities with engaging lessons and activities designed to spark curiosity and discovery.



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