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March’s theme is . . . 🏡 The1950s!

Each month, Round Table members pick a theme to explore through food, history and culture. This month, we are diving into the one and only Golden Age of Capitalism: the 1950s!

From fads to fast foods, school food to the suburbs, and technology to television, the 1950s changed food in the United States!

The 1950s, a time of economic prosperity in the U.S., played a pivotal role in shaping the way that we eat and think about food. After World War II, Americans were eager for a time of peace and prosperity after rationing and conflict. Increased production of new goods coupled with the advertising boom changed the way Americans purchased and consumed food.

Many of the beliefs and practices we have around eating got their start in this decade. From what we picture when we think about homemade dinners to watching the latest TikTok food trends, the 1950s shaped the judgments we make and the products we use.

For example: Have you ever felt bad because you didn’t cook a homemade dinner after work? Imagine what that dinner looks like. Entree with a side dish? Maybe a salad or a dessert as well? Well, this month, we are going to explore where that image came from and why you feel bad about not living it ALL. THE. TIME.

Sooo . . . .

This month we are diving into the one and only Golden Age of Capitalism: The 1950s!

We’re tackling the rise of the middle class, gender roles, tech and innovation, kids and nutrition, and our favorite (and least favorite) fads and trends. There's a lot to cover this month and we couldn't be more excited!!!

Ask questions, reminisce, and join our month-long exploration of the 1950s in The Round Table!


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