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The Connector


For the Connector, life is a lively party, full of opportunities to create meaningful connections and deepen relationships. Whether you’re a planner, host, or rockstar guest, you have the remarkable ability to make friends wherever you go.


For the Connector, food is more than sustenance; it’s an invitation to connect with others!

Whether hosting luxurious dinner parties, coordinating community potlucks, or simply getting coffee with a friend, the Connector:

  • 💕 Seeks out moments of connection,

  • ☕ Creates the opportunity to find common ground, and

  • 🙌🏽 Welcomes diverse perspectives.

In these moments, Connectors feel a sense of fulfillment, belonging, and vitality.

Heading (1).jpg

This is because the Connector sees food as a universal language that invites the sharing of stories and opens the door for connection.

Your Unique Outlook and Skills

As a Connector, your unique outlook and skills set you apart. Compassion, hospitality, and authenticity are the driving forces in your relationship with food. Your interactions with others inspire and welcome them to step outside of their comfort zone, welcome vulnerability, and find belonging and community.

Your Challenges

Since Connectors thrive in the warmth of community, they are more prone to feelings of loneliness and disconnection. One of the biggest challenges that most Connectors face is regularly finding and creating opportunities for connection. It’s essential that Connectors like you prioritize meaningful interactions and carve out time for nourishing relationships.

But beware of potential pitfalls. Spreading yourself too thin in new situations can lead to burnout and neglect of your own needs. It’s important to take time to cultivate your relationship with yourself and deepen your connection with loved ones. Sustain your energy by planning regular events with close friends. Explore your relationship with your heritage and family history.


Your Food Future

When it comes to your relationship with food, let your gift for connection shine through. Be warm, thoughtful, inviting, and compassionate. Create meaningful and inclusive experiences that bring people together and foster a sense of belonging and community. 

Celebrate your Connector persona and let your heart guide you as you invite new friends to your table. Get ready to dig into a life packed with community, connection, and loads of wonderful new experiences!

Get ready to dig into a life jam-packed with inspiration, awesome connections, and loads of new and exciting experiences!


To build a strong and close-knit community.






Creating and finding opportunities for connection

Drinking Martinis

Sources of Inspiration

Community events

Family heritage and history

Coffee shops


Food memoirs

Famous Connectors

Picnic in Park

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